Calnar Support Services

Our experienced technical team is happy to support you with any issue you may be experiencing. Please check the following quick fixes before contacting us:

  1. Many issues can be resolved by simply shutting-down the device and turning it back on again.

  2. Have you checked that the device is physically connected to the internet or other relevant equipment?


If you simply require further information, please complete the form below.

Interactive Support

If you have a Software related problem on a PC or Laptop and you are connected to the internet - we can help you via our 'Remote Hands' interface. When prompted on the phone by the support technician click the button below to download our support application.

Don't Have a Support Agreement?

There are various degrees of support and we can offer you and different time frames available too. Just fill in the enquiries form and we'll get in touch to set it up for you.

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