• Dean White

Merchant's uptake of PayWave

Updated: Apr 9

Interestingly enough, as a representative of Visa once explained to me, "Everyone believes that Visa and Mastercard consider each other as their most strategic competitors", the official visiting Paymark didn't hold us in suspense for long with the revelation "our biggest competitor is in fact Cash".

What many might find more interesting is that merchants are reportedly taking up paywave and tap & go in droves despite the disincentive of higher costs against their hard-earned transactions to do so. 'Contactless transacting' as it is otherwise known is the means by which a card (with the technology enabled) can be used by 'tapping' or 'waving' it across an EFTPOS terminal's electronic display screen.

More recently, Apple and now Google are providing contactless compatible apps or methods within their supported mobile smartphone devices. With this, consumers are able to tender using nothing more then their mobile phone - no wallet required!

At Calnar, we're ahead of the curve providing all such technology and whatsmore we can integrate it with many different Point of Sale registers. PC or Android based POS systems are popular and sophisticated - ready for your requirements and able to transact as quickly as you need it to. Check out our range or pop in to our showroom.


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